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Dalian Zhongshan Art Museum is a modem multi-functional contemporary art museum, and it is a Non-profit Cultural institutions that services social development and opens to the public. It takes on the social responsibility and historical mission of the collection. research, exhibition of the state of the art treasures, and the development of civic art education and international cultural exchanges with foreign countries and contemporary art .It has six major functions of collection. research, exhibition, education, communication and service.

Dalian Zhongshan Art Museum was established in 2009 , It opened in April 22,2011 after two and a half years of construction, and is the first professional museum in Dalian. It is a public welfare projects that has a total investment of 55,000.000 from Dalian City Zhongshan District Finance, also is one of projects of doing things for people. Zhongshan Art Museum is located in Yingbin road with beautiful scenery, west of Bangchui island. The museum covers 5600 m8 in total, and has Construction area of 11000 ms. The main structure is the basement and the ground of two. The museum has two exhibition halls with 2500 m: in total. The area of the first floor exhibition hall is 1100 m: and the show line is 248 m long. The area of the second floor exhibition hall is 1450 ms and the show line is 310 m long. The top of hall with 17 m high uses “ Ding ” artistic elements, and the square wood structure draws the outline of an exquisite pattern.

There arc multi-functional hall, collection chamber, VIP room, education function with large area and matched comprehensive service facilities. and so on. From the scale of construction, the level, and the function of equipped facilities. It is a professional art museum with the highest grade, the most comprehensive function, the largest area, and the highest degree of modernization that can satisfy large scale exhibitions with different kinds of art materials. It is a perfect place to show works and do academic research and exchanges for contemporary artists and scholars.



中山美术馆位于位于风景秀丽的迎宾路,依山傍海的棒棰岛西侧,占地面积5600平方米,建筑面积11000平方米,主体结构为地下一层、地上两层,设有总面积达2500平方米的两个展览厅。 一层展厅1100平 方米,展线长为248米:二楼展厅1450平方米,展线310米。其中高17米的大厅顶部采用“鼎"的艺术元素,方型的木梁结构勾勒出精致的图案。