Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum


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Opened in 2001, The Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum is one of the largest modern art museums in China. It is located in the city of Xian and is funded by the Shaanxi People’s Government as a public utility and socio-cultural organization. Covering a floor area of 12,000 square meters, the museum has an exhibition area of 7,600 square meters.

The Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum is dedicated to collecting and protecting, displaying and exhibiting, studying and researching, and selectively exhibiting Chinese ancient art relics, contemporary and modern masterpieces, excellent works of contemporary artists and folk art from Shaanxi Province, and conducting cultural exchanges with other countries as well as providing cultural services. The Museum also permanently displays the contemporary excellent paintings and calligraphy of Shaanxi . Each year, more than 60 art exhibitions are held, attracting over 400,000 visitors.

陕西省美术博物馆是陕西省人民政府投资兴建的一座大型现代化美术博物馆,是由政府部门主管的公益性社会文化机构。是我国主要的美术馆之一。陕西省美术博物馆地处历史文化名城—西安,于2000年4月建成,2001年正式成立并投入使用。总建筑面积12,000 平方米,展厅面积7,600平方米,展线1,800米,是中国西部地区规模最大的一座美术博物馆。

现有陕西当代优秀绘画作品陈列、陕西当代优秀书法作品陈列常年开放。每年举办各类艺术品展览60余次,观众40 多万人次。馆内主要设立收藏研究部、展览部、综合部。成立有学术委员会、收藏鉴定委员会。