Industrialna 11 Gallery‏

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The gallery, named after its famous address – « Industrialna 11 », is founded in 14 th of October 2009.

It’s situated in the spacious area of the ancient Fridge factory, now “Vassilev Business City” and with its genuine industrial look and the streams of light that the space attract, the gallery takes a leading place among the private galleries in Sofia.

For its short history the gallery had supported more than 15 individual projects and had given a place for expression to the young art generation. From its founding « Industrialna 11 » Gallery works in tight collaboration with the Union of Bulgarian Artists and one of the most ambitious common projects is called « The masterpieces of the Bulgarian Galleries ».

The cycle of exhibitions that aims to present in Sofia the inexhaustible richness of the art galleries in the country, to provoke a wide interest and the support of the professionals, connoisseurs, artists, representatives of different circles and spheres. For a third serial year (from 2010) « Industrialna 11 » Gallery is a host of the « Month of the Photography » of the Bulgarian Photographic Academy « Yanka Kyurkchieva ».

保加利亚艺术家联盟/ "Industrialna 11"美术馆展厅 美术馆的名字取自其所在的知名地址“Industrialna 11”,建立于 2009 年 10 月 14 日。美术馆位于一个古老的冰箱工厂的宽阔空间内,如 今是瓦西列夫商贸城,美术馆保持了原始的工业外观和空间采光,在 索菲亚的私人美术馆中处于领先地位。在其短暂的历史中支持了超过 15 个独立项目,也给年轻一代的艺术家提供表达的空间。自创立起, “Industrialna 11”美术馆就与保加利亚艺术家联盟密切合作,其中 最具雄心的共同项目之一是“保加利亚美术馆的杰作”。展览的巡回 旨在索菲亚展现美术馆的不竭丰富性,唤起广泛兴趣以及不同圈子和 范围的专家、鉴赏家、艺术家和代表的支持。这是自 2010 年起 “Industrialna 11”美术馆连续的第三年主办保加利亚摄影学 院 Yanka Kyurkchieva 的“摄影月”