Lars Widenfalk - Heads

(Cast crystal glass, 40 x 19 x 9 cm, 8 unique pieces)

"I always loved horses and I had one wild female named Omervina for many years! She was a coldblooded trotter but I used her as a riding horse and in the forest for loads of timbers.. When I was invited for this exhibition I at once thoughts about those nameless horses in all wars! A face passing by in the mist of time.. My horse heads are individuals but looks the same, just like the Terracotta army horses- same but not.. I try to use the Art of repeating, to make an impression or a picture stronger by repeating it.

My technique involves carving a sculpture in stone and then transforming it into glass by a rubbermold and wax forms and kiln casting techniques for a month, for each and every head.. Not to be forgotten when we will write the history of each horse head in this exhibition."