Piotr Twardowski - From the Land of The Winged Riders

(Steel, 214 x 62 x 54 cm)

"The sculptural proposal entitled From the Country of the Winged Riders harks back to the Polish military traditions of Poland’s golden age of glory and victorious battles of Kircholm, Chocim or Vienna. Inspired by the figure of a hussar rider with his distinctive armour components, i.e. wings mounted on the cantel or the backplate. I intended it to personify Polish heavy cavalry, its power and energy. On the other hand, it underscores the characteristically Polish predilection for brilliant improvisation, fancy and slickness, which have often been preferred to thoughtful preparation. Hence the wing element and the pose of the rider standing with splayed legs apparently make a frightening impression. The hussar’s silhouette looks as if he is just about to mount his invisible horse. It also conjures up associations with tin soldiers children used to pay with, which, when taken off their horse, looked somewhat grotesquely."