Bozica Dea Matasic - Panacea 

(Lead weight, polyester resin, glass fibres and varnish, 180 x 75 x 75 cm)

"Panacea is part of the group of 12 mobile objects made of polyester resin and glass fibres. They have been exhibited individually and in different constellations. 

They are mobile – they can be swung but they return to upstanding position due to a low gravity point – and a weight firmly placed at the bottom of each object.

The project refers to the ancient rolly-polly dolls, as well as the Bodhidharma dolls and the Bobo doll experiment in behavioural psychology. I merged these kinetic elements and many associations with the form of a pill – so glorified in our civilisation of easy solutions and superficiality.

Panacea is related to the original Terracotta army through their average human size and the repetition of its shapes. Oval, reflecting surface acts as a form of a shield, offering a feeling of protection. 

The origin of the word Panacea dates from ancient Greek mythology and represents “Cure for all diseases“. At the same time, the interaction with these objects works as a funny therapeutic game, but they also ironically underline our need for instant solutions to all problems."